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About KENT

chain and lockAt KENT we believe custom security procedures that effectively utilize security personnel and equipment are critical to achieving your Resort/Hotel’s goals.

Our area of expertise is in hands-on assessment and planning the most highly-effective security program for your establishment by developing and implementing the most fundamental piece of your program; your security procedures.

We acknowledge that each property is different which requires a different approach. And without continuous awareness at the management level, an establishment’s security program may suffer.

To prevent this from happening, we involve all levels of management and supervisory staff in our process.

A good security program will stress the prevention of security problems. However, it must be recognized not all situations that may arise are preventable.

The following is a list of areas we cover in our security assessments, planning, and the resulting security procedures:

KENT will also assist in Job Hazard Assessments in the prevention process in safety.

Hazards and Risks:

a. Hazard … a hazard means anything that can cause harm i.e. chemicals, electricity, obstructions, poor lighting etc.

b. Risk … risk is the chance, great or small, that someone will be harmed by the hazard

KENT will provide safety Job Hazard Assessments for all your positions.

There is a 5 step process identifying a hazard and implementing the necessary controls;

  1. Recognize … Identify the hazard
  2. Assess … Review the job description and or work activity
  3. Control A … Look at what the current controls in place
  4. Control B … What are the legal requirements and standards
  5. Control C …What are the future actions are needed to control or eliminate the hazard
  6. Evaluation … To reassess how Control C is working over time