Security Procedures 101

We will cover the development of a variety of procedures such as Crisis Management, Key Control, Large Events, and more and how and when to use different tools such as checklists, surveys, policies etc.

For senior security personnel, this training will help you and your personnel be proactive to the physical security needs of your Resort/Hotel; keep your security program up-to-date; and maintain a flexible security program that reflects changing business goals and objectives.

Overview of Resort/Hotel Security Duties 

The objective of this training is to heighten the awareness of security personnel of potential security issues and to keep them up-to-date on the latest security best practices.

We will cover:

  • The protection of Resort/Hotel guests and employees from harm due to intentional acts;
  • How to support and assist other departments with security related aspects of their missions;
  • How to address any incident with actual or potential off-site consequences, such as those that may impact the brand;
  • Death or serious injury on the premises;
  • Theft occurrence involving Resort/Hotel or Guest assets;
  • Property damage;
  • Bomb Threat, hostage situation, discovery of a suspicious package / vehicle, or any potentially terrorism-related incidents; and

The training sessions shall be coordinated with the affected Department Managers so as to minimize disruption of routine operations.

Basic Training

We develop local procedures for all your locations to provide initial training to all new security personnel for each of the following subject areas:

  • Resort/Hotel Security Policies and Local Operational Procedures
  • Report Writing
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Radio Communications
  • Basic Investigations
  • Guest and Employee Relations
  • Small Fire Suppression
  • Bomb Search Procedures
  • Alcohol Management
  • Local Emergency Plans
  • Local Post Orders for each guard post
  • Crisis Procedures and
  • Risk Management

Practice Security and/or Emergency Drills and Exercises

For your establishment’s personnel responsible for emergency or crisis response activities, we conduct drills and exercises customized to the emergency’s defined in your security program.

As with all practices drills and exercises, such activities should not be conducted in a manner that negatively impacts your establishment’s guests.

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