A Security Department has the sole and exclusive responsibility and authority for all locks and keys (physical, electronic or of any other type) in use on the Resort/Hotel property or owned or controlled by a particular Resort/Hotel, except for an emergency key (and other appropriate keys) that shall be kept by a designated Department.

The following is a sample key control procedure:

All locks and keys remain the property of the Resort/Hotel and shall be returned to the Security Department upon separation, termination of an employee or upon demand.

It’s recommended that no employee below the level of Department Head shall take Resort/Hotel keys off Resort/Hotel property. With the approval of the Director of Security, persons holding positions of Department Manager and above may be granted standing permission to remove any key issued to them from Resort/Hotel property. This excludes an individual employee’s personal key to their cash box.

The Security Department shall insure that all sensitive spaces on the Resort/Hotel property such as the General Cashier’s Office; Front Office Drop Safe Area; Human Resources Offices; Engineering Key Cabinet; or Key Card Storage Area are kept properly secured at all times.

The Engineering Department shall be responsible for the maintenance, repair, re-keying and replacement of any installed locks, or for the duplication of keys.

Keys shall be issued only after a demonstrated need and not for the purpose of convenience only.

Keys shall be issued directly to the responsible individuals by the Security Department and shall be returned by the recipient directly to the Security Department.

No person shall duplicate or have a duplicate made of any Resort/Hotel key without the express written permission of the Security Director.

The loss or theft of any Resort/Hotel key shall be immediately reported to the Security Department.

Master keys and combinations will be maintained in a secure manner that ensures positive accountability (who had access to the keys or combination) and that any attempt at unauthorized access is detectable and identifiable.

While at work, employees shall keep Resort/Hotel keys in their possession on their person at all times until such keys are returned at the end of their shift. No keys shall be left on work carts at any time.

Persons whose job function does not involve their full time presence on Resort/Hotel property shall not be issued keys, but shall temporarily check out needed keys from the Security Department for use while on the property. Such keys shall not be removed from Hotel property. The Security Director may instruct an authorized key holder to access locked spaces for such individuals in lieu of issuing a temporary key.

The standard pertaining to removal of keys makes it a violation of Security Policy for any employee to remove a key from Report/Hotel property when that key was intended to remain on the property at all times. Keys issued on a “daily or shift basis” would meet this description. Keys permanently issued to management would not.